The Impact of DAW on Music Production: Redefining the Recording Industry

Jan 17, 2023 | General, Music Matters, Music Production

In the past decades the introduction of DAW has undoubtedly been the largest game shift in the music production industry.The ability for musicians of all skill levels to create, record, and produce their own songs to a passable standard has put the traditional record industry on its head and given artists direct possibilities to release their music without any gatekeepers in-between. Let us explore this further: DAW’s impact on artists Where before as an artist you had to find a recording studio and invest a lot of time and money to record – now all you need ia a computer, instal a DAW and connect some hardware. This enables you to record song starters you can later develop with your band, record your practice sessions, record complete songs, create demo tapes or even –  if you have a laptop and are gigging – record your live performances and use as merchandise or even develop songs for official release – although the latter requires a lot of training and experience. Even so, today, in the heart of most recording studios, you will find the same DAW’s as you can use from home. The days when studio time was valuable and only the most famous and well-paid musicians in the world were allowed to spend any extended periods creating and recording are long gone. Experiment, experiment DAW have also opened a complete new array of sound design. There are numerous ways in how to edit (read: change) your audio in a DAW: echo, reverse it, stretch it, distort it, double it… the possibilities are endless!! Try having a go at it and try it out PRO TIP: if you like and effect write down what you did so you can duplicate it on another song later! You will find it is hard  keeping up with the most recent trends and changes in DAW technology and how they affect music because it is moving so quickly. But never forget:
DAW is a tool – music is created in the heart


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