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How DAWs have changed Music. Part 2: Music production

In the past decades the introduction of DAW has¬†undoubtedly been the largest game shift in the music production industry.The ability for musicians of all skill levels to create, record, and produce their own songs to a passable standard has put the traditional record industry on its head and given artists direct possibilities to release their…
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How DAW’s have changed Music part I : Orchestreal and Soundtrack

There is no doubt that the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) has had a massive impact on music production and composition. Whenever I speak to people that know nothing about working with a DAW, there seems to be the misconception that a DAW is only being used in EDM (Electronic Dance Music) HipHop in all its…
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After a long time of hesitation, I have taken the plunge and am starting a blog and newsletter devoted to music. There were numerous reasons for my delay – a lack of time, indecision about topics, and uncertainty about a name – but I’ve decided on MUSIC MATTERS. Not only because music is essential, but…
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