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About me

was my first love  and now my career

I have always loved music.
For as long as I can remember I sang, then learned the guitar, performed in the school choir, started creating my own melodies and lyrics. But when it came to choosing a career I never even thought about the music industry. Instead I followed my other passion: art. 
I studied Design, got my first degree in Hamburg/Germany and then a second in Florence/Italy.

During my traineeship as a designer in fashion however, I discovered that the work itself was not as creative as I always thought it would be.

So I quickly took on additional tasks, getting involved in planning: meetings with the sales reps, the next participation at a fair, organising the backstage at fashion shows.

This is in turn led to me becoming the Visual Merchandising Manager for the European HQ of a global retailer. I was collaborating closely with marketing managers of major sporting brands, creating in-store campaigns and getting involved in adverts for cinema. I then became the brand manager for an international importer in FMCG, responsible for the design, supervision and marketing of their own and retailers private brands, working on ad campaigns and eventually joining as managing partner of that company.
Through all this time I kept performing and creating music. Some years ago the opportunity presented itself to leave my position as a partner and solely focus on music. 
All of my experiences have taught me this:
“There is nothing more powerful than of music ”
Music creates the emotion that makes a picture.
Music connects with the right customer.
Because only music speaks to the heart of people. 
Due to my divers musical upbringing, living, travelling and working in and with various countries my signature is a genre-defying and cross-cultural sound.

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