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Hello, I am Beatrice Betley a Composer, Producer and Vocalist. This means I write music (for release, soundtrack, games and other artists) I use a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) to create and sing (not just on my own work but also as feature artist for other producers). I also write lyrics, for my own work and music by others. For me music is the universal language of the world. It transcends all our prejudices and it unites us. Music is passion. The only way we can …..
Beatrice Betley Vocalist
Beatrice Betley is a German Composer, Producer and Vocalist – which does not mean she grew up there.
Rather she moved with her family to the Netherlands when she was 5. Where she went to an international school. Which meant she had friends from many different countries. That got her interested in other cultures and discover that at the heart of every culture lies a language. So she learned a few (by now she is fluent in six). Beatrice also loved to sing, dance and paint. Her father travelled frequently and brought back LP’s with music of the countries where he had been. So instead of listening to German Schlager Musik, Wagnerian Opera or Bavarian Folk Music (no, make that Hamburg Sea Shanties!) she got hooked on the tunes of Mexican Mariachi,  Jazz, Samba, Argentinean Folk, Fado, Country Music and Caribbean Steel Drums.
At 13 the school curriculum meant she had to choose between music classes (listening to music, learning music theory, analysing classic composers) or art (getting stuck in and …

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Chat GPT and Music – threat or friend?

Chat GPT and Music – threat or friend?

Chat GPT and Music - threat or friend? Here are my thought s on the subject: First and foremost we have to understand that there is no “Artificial Intelligence” - “AI”  is just a marketing gimmick. What??? Let me explain. Here is a definition of intelligence as...

How DAWs have changed Music. Part 2: Music production

How DAWs have changed Music. Part 2: Music production

In the past decades the introduction of DAW has undoubtedly been the largest game shift in the music production industry.The ability for musicians of all skill levels to create, record, and produce their own songs to a passable standard has put the traditional record...

How DAW’s have changed Music part I : Orchestreal and Soundtrack

How DAW’s have changed Music part I : Orchestreal and Soundtrack

There is no doubt that the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) has had a massive impact on music production and composition. Whenever I speak to people that know nothing about working with a DAW, there seems to be the misconception that a DAW is only being used in EDM...

Chat GPT has been all over the news and the web lately. And while it is neither the first nor perhaps the best it gets the most attention. In my blog I write about the threats and opportunities of AI in music. If you`re interested in learning more, read on!

#ChatGPT #AI #Music

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Whoever I get a Mix - the first thing I do is to use an EQ and sweep for disturbing frequencies! Sometimes they are really hard to hear, but if you do not deal with them they can really destroy 🧨the sound quality of a song!

#mixing #musicproduction #sweepanddestroy #IloveEQ

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With all the talk on the news about ChatGPT and its impact on work, study and society let us not forget that AI is just another tool. And that as powerful as AI can be, it should never be taken lightly. Just as with any other tool, it can be used for good or ill. Let us keep a watchful eye on how we use AI and ensure that it is used responsibly and ethically.

#AI #ArtificialIntelligence #Ethics #Responsibility #Creativity #NewRenaissace #ChatGPT

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In part 2 of how DAW impacted music I am exploring the benefits for artists read more

#DAW #musicproduction #myblog #newblog

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When the sun shines through the clouds, it`s like the world is just starting to come alive. The colours are so bright and an intriguing light! It`s a perfect day to be inspired, write music, and take in the natural beauty.

#Nature #Music #Inspiring #SunShine

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Whether you sing, play and instrument or are an audio engineer...finding the soul of a song is what makes is special ❣️

#song #music #lovemusic #audioengineering

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In my latest blog I am writing on the impact that Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) have had on writing music. Part 1 is on orchestration. Sign up for my newsletter to keep posted! Link in bio⬆️

#newblog #DAW #musicblog #composerslife #soundtrack

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After three months of working on the score for a short film in Hamburg, I`m finally back in The Hague. It`s been a great experience! But unfortunately, the NDA prevents me from telling more about the project. I`m excited to continue working on it and to see the finished product in the near future. Stay tuned for updates!

#WorkingOnTheScore #Hamburg #TheHague #ScoreForAShortFilm #WorkPacked

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“I find it very difficult to get her fine crafted melodies out of my head”
Gary Gray

Voting Member of The Grammy Recording Academy

“Beatrice crafts a vibrant sound like no other.” 
Gwen Waggoner

Scope Magazine

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