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Beatrice Betley is a skilled composer who has specialized in film composition and music production. She is known for her creative abilities and dedication to producing quality music. If you’re looking for someone to add artistic flair to your project,  reach out to Beatrice Betley. Get in touch with her today to discuss your project and explore the possibilities of bespoke music composition.


Music & Lyrics by Beatrice Betley, Video and Animations by various talented artists.

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The short version:

Hello! I’m Beatrice Betley, a Composer, Producer, and Vocalist. My world revolves around music, and I’d love to share my passion with you. As a Composer, I specialize in writing music for various purposes such as releases, soundtracks, games, and collaborating with other artists.
Using a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), I create …..
Beatrice Betley Composer

The long version:

Meet Beatrice Betley, a German-born composer, producer and vocalist with a global twist. She may not have grown up in Germany, as her family moved to the Netherlands when she was just five years old. Living there exposed her to diverse cultures and languages, igniting her curiosity and love for music.
Beatrice’s childhood was a colorful mix of singing, dancing, and painting. Instead of being confined to German Schlager Musik or Bavarian Folk Music, she fell in love with the melodies of Mexican Mariachi, Jazz, Samba, Argentinean Folk, Fado, Country Music, and Caribbean Steel Drums. Her father’s LPs, collected from his travels, opened her ears to a world of captivating tunes.

At 13, faced with a choice between musicclasses and art, Beatrice followed her heart …

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“I find it very difficult to get her fine crafted melodies out of my head”
Gary Gray

Voting Member of The Grammy Recording Academy

“Beatrice crafts a vibrant sound like no other.” 
Gwen Waggoner

Scope Magazine

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