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Welcome to “Music Matters,” a music blog dedicated to professionals and music enthusiasts alike. Here, I share inspirational stories, discuss exciting developments in the music industry, delve into my creative process, and unveil the latest news on upcoming releases and other captivating music-related topics. As a firm believer in music as the universal language that unites us, I am thrilled to connect with you and share my passion.

Join me on this musical journey and let’s explore the world of sound together!


Beatrice Betley with mic

Elevating Your Craft: Film Scoring Competitions

Participate in film scoring contests to elevate your craft, showcase talent, and unlock networking and collaboration opportunities in the industry. Embrace uniqueness, understand the scene and story, seek feedback, and evolve to succeed.

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Music As Catalyst For Social Change Throughout The Ages

Music As Catalyst For Social Change Throughout The Ages

Through the ages, music has served as a powerful force for social change, challenging the status quo and inspiring movements. Music has acted as a catalyst, uniting people and sparking transformation. In this blog let’s explore the sounds of change and the tremendous impact music has had on shaping society.

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