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EQUALIZHER – The Levelling Up Academy

When I started talking to women in the music industry and those wanting to produce music, I wanted to find out what they needed help with. This would help me create the right courses for them.

What surprised me was finding out that their biggest challenge wasn’t learning new skills. Instead, it was about how to stand out in a world mostly run by men. This of course is not exclusive to the music industry but applies to all businesses.

Because of this, I changed what we focus on. EqualizHer is now a place for any woman who has big dreams. It’s where you can let your dreams grow. A place where Your Ambition Can Find Its Wings.

Together, we break down barriers – the ones we see and the ones inside of us. We learn to be proud of our successes. No matter what you dream of doing, here, you can start to make it happen.

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The story behind why I decided to create EqualizHer

 I love making music and sharing it because I passionately believe it is the ONE THING that connects all humans on a deep, emotional level. Music is vitally important to all of us. Music can achieve things that nothing else can.

Yet, even  today. it is dominated by men and therefor deprived of many of layers.

I strongly believe that though men and women are equal – they are not the same. And that one of the overlooked reasons why women are so underrepresented in music is that it is taught from a males brains perspective. And women – we create differently!

Music production is more than making music. It is the key to the controls of artistic expression. I want to take apprehension away from women so they can learn music production and empower them to express their own unique voice through music – just as I do. 

Best regards, Beatrice

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