The short version

Hello! I’m Beatrice Betley, a Composer, Producer, and Vocalist. My world revolves around music, and I’d love to share my passion with you. As a Composer, I specialize in writing music for various purposes such as releases, soundtracks, games, and collaborating with other artists.
Using a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), I create captivating melodies and lend my voice to not only my own projects but also as a featured artist for other talented producers. Lyrics are another avenue where I express my creativity, crafting heartfelt words for my own music as well as collaborating with other musicians.
To me, music is the universal language that breaks barriers and brings people together. It goes beyond our differences and prejudices, uniting us on a profound level. It’s the medium through which we can communicate and convey emotions that words often fail to express.
My goal is not only to create intriguing music (fingers crossed!) but also to empower you to unleash your own musical talents. I believe that everyone has the ability to create something extraordinary and meaningful. So, let’s embark on this journey together and discover the power of music to inspire and uplift our souls.
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The Long Version

Introducing Beatrice Betley, a German-born composer, producer, and vocalist with a global twist. She may not have grown up in Germany, as her family moved to the Netherlands when she was just five years old. Living there exposed her to diverse cultures and languages, igniting her curiosity and love for music.
Beatrice’s childhood was a colorful mix of singing, dancing, and painting. Instead of being confined to German Schlager or Wagnerian Opera, she fell in love with the melodies of Mexican Mariachi, Jazz, Samba, Argentinean Folk, Fado, Country Music, and Caribbean Steel Drums. Her father’s LPs, collected from his travels, opened her ears to a world of captivating tunes.
At 13, faced with a choice between music classes and art, Beatrice followed her heart and dove into the world of art. She studied Fashion Design in Hamburg and Florence, but soon realized that her creative outlet was limited in the design industry. Undeterred, she pursued her passion for creativity and explored marketing and market research alongside her fashion endeavors.
Beatrice’s journey took her on diverse paths, including becoming a Visual Merchandising Manager for a pan-European retailer and working in sales and marketing for a global importer. Along the way, she even created and patented the original Holsterbag, which gained attention and garnered nominations for design awards.
While achieving success in various fields, Beatrice never forgot her true calling. She continued to write, perform, and collaborate on music projects. In the midst of the global pandemic, she fearlessly recorded her first solo vocal Jazz album “Upside | Down”, defying the challenges posed by lockdowns and restrictions. Embracing technology, she collaborated with musicians and producers remotely, capturing the essence of her music from her home studio and even a garage in LA.
Eager to share her knowledge and empower other musicians, Beatrice decided to launch an online course teaching how to write music using a digital audio workstation (DAW). Her approach is all about putting the soul of a song at the forefront, rather than getting caught up in the technicalities. Through her course, she aims to inspire passionate musicians to create authentic, heartfelt music.
With her unique background, boundless creativity, and dedication to music, Beatrice Betley is an extraordinary force in the industry. Her journey is a testament to following one’s passion, embracing diverse influences, and fearlessly pursuing dreams.
Beatrice is a member of the AWFC, WBII and associated with the PRO GEMA. Her publishers are Not A Fox Publishing.

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