Introducing Music Matters: A blog for music aficionados and professionals

Dec 16, 2022 | General, Music Matters

After a long time of hesitation, I have taken the plunge and am starting a blog and newsletter devoted to music. There were numerous reasons for my delay – a lack of time, indecision about topics, and uncertainty about a name – but I’ve decided on MUSIC MATTERS. Not only because music is essential, but because I’ll discuss a variety of music-related matters. I’ll cover everything from composition and production to the music industry, new releases, and courses. My goal is to create a platform for all music aficionados and professionals, regardless of genre. Music is all connecting, so you can have an input on which versions of a song to release me your feedback via small surveys from time to time in order to make sure I’m providing content that resonates with my readers. To keep up with all the new topics, why not join my mailing list? Sign up today and never miss a beat! Love, Peace and Harmonies Beatrice


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